Cakery Creation & The Workings of a Cake Wars Champion

I tend to throw planning and agendas out the window when it comes to road trips because it always leads to great memories and new experiences. On this trip to Ormond Beach again, however, I broke with tradition simply for the fact that it was absolutely necessary to visit Cakery Creation. Here’s why.

Two years ago it was a sign emblazoned with a pink and white cupcake reading ‘Winner of Cake Wars‘ that caught my attention while searching for a unique birthday treat for my wife. It leaned up against a pedestrian crossing sign in front of an ordinary looking, deep red painted building with white trim cottage-like windows. After talking with the owner, Liz, leaving with six savory looking options including one Southern Charm Red Velvet, and then taking giant bites out of each of the others upon returning to the house, I quickly realized two things. First, these were not ordinary cupcakes and secondly, that sign should have read something more like ‘Come Get Some Damn Good Cupcakes Because Inside Is the Workings of a Master.’


The place had the same artsy vibe; purple walls, one small counter with a glass case for all the delectable treats ready for the picking, and the mouthwatering sweet smell only a bakery can have. It was just as I remembered it. We talked with the clerk for no more than a few seconds about how much we love the cupcakes before Liz appeared out of nowhere from the side room. I went to say hello thinking there was no way she’d remember us but couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Hi guys!” she smiled while giving us a big hug. “Welcome back. It’s so good to see you both again!”

By the looks of the cupcakes, she hadn’t lost her touch and obviously, with such a warm greeting, she by no means lost her welcoming personality either; a true testament to who she is as a person even as her business expands at an incredible and well-deserved pace.



Still full from a hearty lunch, we decided to keep things simple and only choose three cupcakes this time. Then Liz mentioned the new flavor, Florida Orange, so I decided a fourth couldn’t hurt. The Southern Charm Red Velvet with her classic cream cheese buttercream frosting providing another incredible dimension of flavor was just as I remembered it. The Peanut Butter was the perfect combo of moist dark chocolate cake and all the goodness to the tenth power of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The Cookie Dough, well, just imagine being a kid again and licking the spoon after your mom finished mixing her homemade recipe all wrapped up in a perfect little cupcake. And the Florida Orange cupcake, that was simply tangy perfection to say the least.


That’s it. There’s nothing left to say but this. Gas up the car and get down to Cakery Creation as soon as you can! It doesn’t matter what flavor Liz creates for us to love and devour, she is a genuine artist, foodie, and Confectionery sorcerer when it comes to these sweet little treats. Cheers to you Liz and everyone at the shop!


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