Two Nights in Wichita

In March 2012, my wife and I set out on a lengthy adventure that would take us from Colorado to the East Coast, over to Europe, and then back across the U.S. On that trip, one of our first stops was to visit her grandma, Iris, who lived in Wichita, Kansas. I'd met Iris once … Continue reading Two Nights in Wichita

Bird’s Eye View of Steamer Lane

Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, California, offers good swells and a perfect vantage point from above for photographers and students of surfing. Last September, I was fortunate enough to drive from Seattle, Washington, to San Diego, California, hugging the spectacular coastline along both Highway 101 and 1, a.k.a, the mighty Pacific Coast Highway. I even … Continue reading Bird’s Eye View of Steamer Lane

Legacy and Tradition in Paso Robles

A few sips of Pierini Family wine and a visit with winemaker Jan Pierini shows how embracing family legacy and a minimalist approach makes her one of the best in Paso Robles. Jan Pierini's eyes sparkled to life as she walked down a well-manicured corridor of vines, talking to them in a soft, motherly tone. … Continue reading Legacy and Tradition in Paso Robles

4 Reasons Why I’ll Choose Paradise Bay Resort Again

This luxury boutique hotel is located on the tropical windward coast of Oahu. Picking the right hotel when on vacation is essential. For my wife and I, the hotel must be able to check off certain boxes when it comes to things like a good breakfast, comfortable rooms, proximity to restaurants and the option of … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why I’ll Choose Paradise Bay Resort Again

Three Hours in St. Augustine

December is one of the coldest months to visit Florida and the weather can change seemingly every 20 minutes. It'll be sunny and clear, then the dark clouds will drift over, rain will fall, then it'll be sunny, then one more time, the rain will fall, this time as a heavy downpour. I'll take it … Continue reading Three Hours in St. Augustine

3 Delicious Stops in Anchorage That Will Leave You Wanting More

Anchorage seems to have it all - the majestic Chugach Mountains, Sleeping Lady overlooking Cook Inlet, trendy metropolitan appeal, and easy access to some of the best Alaskan adventure you can endure. The city also hosts some of the best restaurants I've experienced as well. From Marx Bros. Cafe and Ginger to Orso and La … Continue reading 3 Delicious Stops in Anchorage That Will Leave You Wanting More

A Travel Junkie’s Perfect Day in Fairbanks, Alaska

At 65 degrees north latitude, Fairbanks serves as a central gateway to the Interior – Denali National Park two-hours to the south, the Arctic Circle five-hours to the north, Nome, Barrow, and the mighty Yukon River. Fairbanks itself is home to a small, yet charming downtown with hints of the area’s history in dog mushing, … Continue reading A Travel Junkie’s Perfect Day in Fairbanks, Alaska

People In Your Travel Pics

On a recent and quick road trip through Utah I had the opportunity to revisit Arches National Park - a favorite destination of mine of which I've experienced multiple times over the years. I didn't have my usual camera gear being that it was my honeymoon, yet I still felt the need to take some … Continue reading People In Your Travel Pics

Remembering Elmer Long

It was hot that day in April when I met Elmer Long. His long, white beard hung to chest level and a well-worn hat rode high on his weathered brow. After the small group of fellow visitors had left, he and I stood under the glaring sun making small talk until finally retreating to two … Continue reading Remembering Elmer Long

Where to Next? Try Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica.

I've had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful destinations over the years. I can't say that I have a favorite spot because knowing me, that list would likely change every week and because there's so much still to see and experience. What I can do is recommend travel-worthy destinations you should visit, though. And … Continue reading Where to Next? Try Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica.