Cakery Creation & The Workings of a Cake Wars Champion

I tend to throw planning and agendas out the window when it comes to road trips because it always leads to great memories and new experiences. On this trip to Ormond Beach again, however, I broke with tradition simply for the fact that it was absolutely necessary to visit Cakery Creation. Here's why. Two years … Continue reading Cakery Creation & The Workings of a Cake Wars Champion

Strange and Wonderful Colorado

My body shivers from the strong, cold wind whipping across the desolate valley floor as I stare up at a brilliant and twinkling night sky, waiting. Great Sand Dunes National Park is shrouded in darkness to the southeast while an out-of-place, igloo-shaped building faintly illuminated by a single green light glows below as I sit … Continue reading Strange and Wonderful Colorado


Live Review Chevelle, Black Map, Dinosaur Pile-Up Boulder Theater | Boulder, Colorado January 26, 2017 Reverb Magazine The lights dimmed to a low, deep blood red as Dinosaur Pile-Up walked onto the Boulder Theater stage giving the place a raw and grungy feel; a vibe reminiscent of what I can only imagine the early 90s … Continue reading CONCERT REVIEW


Rock stardom is at their door. At least that's what some of the reviews had said about The Shelters;  the L.A. based rock and roll band I met up with this past October at Voodoo Fest 2016 in New Orleans. An article by Pryor Stroud for Pop Matters stated "Deep in their marrow, there’s the fuzz-streaked … Continue reading BRINGING BACK THE VIBE