People In Your Travel Pics

On a recent and quick road trip through Utah I had the opportunity to revisit Arches National Park – a favorite destination of mine of which I’ve experienced multiple times over the years. I didn’t have my usual camera gear being that it was my honeymoon, yet I still felt the need to take some quick snapshots while exploring the park with my wife. It felt almost blasphemous to use my horribly outdated iPhone to capture the beauty of such a unique and inspiring landscape, but I thought what the hell. I’ll give it a shot (no pun intended).

Travel images can be a wonderful way to inspire people to explore the world around them. How could dramatic scenes of tropical coastlines, towering mountains, sweeping meadows and otherworldly rock formations do anything but inspire? Adding people to the frame is important, however, especially for a travel journalist like myself. Doing so adds emotion, action and a deeper connection to the world. It also challenges me to freeze a specific and interesting moment in time, one that moves past me like seconds on a clock forever lost to the past.

Here are just a few images. More images of my travels can be viewed here.

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