Legacy and Tradition in Paso Robles

A few sips of Pierini Family wine and a visit with winemaker Jan Pierini shows how embracing family legacy and a minimalist approach makes her one of the best in Paso Robles. Jan Pierini's eyes sparkled to life as she walked down a well-manicured corridor of vines, talking to them in a soft, motherly tone. … Continue reading Legacy and Tradition in Paso Robles

People In Your Travel Pics

On a recent and quick road trip through Utah I had the opportunity to revisit Arches National Park - a favorite destination of mine of which I've experienced multiple times over the years. I didn't have my usual camera gear being that it was my honeymoon, yet I still felt the need to take some … Continue reading People In Your Travel Pics

Barney: The Story Behind the Image

  Motorcycle fanatics ride into Sturgis like a roaring thunderstorm sweeping across the South Dakota prairie, their bikes streaking down Main Street in bright flashes of metallic blue, candy apple red, sun yellow, and every other hue of the spectrum. For seven summer days, Sturgis is transformed from a quiet little town along I-90 into … Continue reading Barney: The Story Behind the Image

The Story Behind the Photo

  Spring, 2009 | Santa Fe, New Mexico Every image has a story behind it.  The ringing of his spurs carried over the roar of motorhomes and cars whizzing passed his worn-out cowboy boots as he crested the hill outside of  Santa Fe. The horses trailed close behind the man as they strolled together in … Continue reading The Story Behind the Photo

Cakery Creation & The Workings of a Cake Wars Champion

I tend to throw planning and agendas out the window when it comes to road trips because it always leads to great memories and new experiences. On this trip to Ormond Beach again, however, I broke with tradition simply for the fact that it was absolutely necessary to visit Cakery Creation. Here's why. Two years … Continue reading Cakery Creation & The Workings of a Cake Wars Champion

Dig In: Five Tantalizing Denver Food Challenges

  Are you a fan of not only great food, but testing your limits as to how much you can eat in one sitting? Well, you’re in luck. Here’s a list of 5 tasty yet intestinal fortitude challenges here in Denver that are definitely worth a try. Crave Real Burgers The Challenge: Big Bad Wolf … Continue reading Dig In: Five Tantalizing Denver Food Challenges