5 Surf Schools Sharing the Stoke in SoCal

Stoke [stohk] : Excited, pleased, happy, thrilled. At least that's the meaning given by The Encyclopedia of Surfing for that incredible sense of exuberance felt by surfers during and after an excellent surf session. I first felt in back in 2012 after an impromptu lesson down in Puerto Rico. [read more about it here] Since … Continue reading 5 Surf Schools Sharing the Stoke in SoCal

Remembering Elmer Long

It was hot that day in April when I met Elmer Long. His long, white beard hung to chest level and a well-worn hat rode high on his weathered brow. After the small group of fellow visitors had left, he and I stood under the glaring sun making small talk until finally retreating to two … Continue reading Remembering Elmer Long