Bird’s Eye View of Steamer Lane

Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, California, offers good swells and a perfect vantage point from above for photographers and students of surfing. Last September, I was fortunate enough to drive from Seattle, Washington, to San Diego, California, hugging the spectacular coastline along both Highway 101 and 1, a.k.a, the mighty Pacific Coast Highway. I even … Continue reading Bird’s Eye View of Steamer Lane

4 Reasons Why I’ll Choose Paradise Bay Resort Again

This luxury boutique hotel is located on the tropical windward coast of Oahu. Picking the right hotel when on vacation is essential. For my wife and I, the hotel must be able to check off certain boxes when it comes to things like a good breakfast, comfortable rooms, proximity to restaurants and the option of … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why I’ll Choose Paradise Bay Resort Again

Three Hours in St. Augustine

December is one of the coldest months to visit Florida and the weather can change seemingly every 20 minutes. It'll be sunny and clear, then the dark clouds will drift over, rain will fall, then it'll be sunny, then one more time, the rain will fall, this time as a heavy downpour. I'll take it … Continue reading Three Hours in St. Augustine