6 hippest small towns to get off-grid

Small towns. They’re out there. Little road trip gems offering slower-paced escapes. We’re talking about those artsy and hip, good vibes, tasty bites, and intriguing things to do type small towns—the ones far enough from city life to make you feel off-grid and relaxed, but with enough to do to ensure a memorable trip. Ready … Continue reading 6 hippest small towns to get off-grid

Bird’s Eye View of Steamer Lane

Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, California, offers good swells and a perfect vantage point from above for photographers and students of surfing. Last September, I was fortunate enough to drive from Seattle, Washington, to San Diego, California, hugging the spectacular coastline along both Highway 101 and 1, a.k.a, the mighty Pacific Coast Highway. I even … Continue reading Bird’s Eye View of Steamer Lane

Remembering Elmer Long

It was hot that day in April when I met Elmer Long. His long, white beard hung to chest level and a well-worn hat rode high on his weathered brow. After the small group of fellow visitors had left, he and I stood under the glaring sun making small talk until finally retreating to two … Continue reading Remembering Elmer Long