An Invigorating Dog Day Afternoon

Charge your way through Colorado powder behind a canine sled team this winter. “Hike!” shouts my guide, Chloe, into the calm, frosty air as soft morning snow gently falls around us. Our anxious team of yelping dogs instantly charges into the fresh powder like it’s their birthday. Before today, I’d never even thought about taking … Continue reading An Invigorating Dog Day Afternoon

From the Story

Although I live in Colorado, I'm not one for winter activities really. I'm more of a warm weather type of guy. However, when the recent opportunity to do a story about dog sledding came, I jumped at the chance. The full story won't be published until February but here's an image I grabbed near the … Continue reading From the Story

Boulder to Idaho Springs via CO-119

Explore waterfalls, Himalayan cuisine, and laid-back mountain town life. Miles: 48.2 | State Park Sidetrip: Golden Gate Canyon State Park  Back in 2017, National Geographic named Boulder, Colorado, "happiest city in the U.S." thanks to "breathtaking scenery, a pleasant climate, a charming downtown, and enough outdoor activities to keep even the most active person busy." And … Continue reading Boulder to Idaho Springs via CO-119

Up For A Quick Hike in Colorado?

Colorado is an outdoor junkie paradise for those who like to lace up the old shoes, throw a pack over their shoulders and head to the trails for a day of adventure. In fact, there are more than 5,600 miles of trails all over the state, some more popular than others. But if you’re looking … Continue reading Up For A Quick Hike in Colorado?

City Escape: Three Hikes & Three Brew Spots Near Denver

As I sit here and write this, it’s 90 degrees and the sun is beating down turning this ginger’s skin a little pink after a mere 20 minutes outside. I’ll be honest, though, this beer is keeping me cool while thoughts of getting out on a few trails just outside of the city are on … Continue reading City Escape: Three Hikes & Three Brew Spots Near Denver

Dig In: Five Tantalizing Denver Food Challenges

  Are you a fan of not only great food, but testing your limits as to how much you can eat in one sitting? Well, you’re in luck. Here’s a list of 5 tasty yet intestinal fortitude challenges here in Denver that are definitely worth a try. Crave Real Burgers The Challenge: Big Bad Wolf … Continue reading Dig In: Five Tantalizing Denver Food Challenges

Strange and Wonderful Colorado

My body shivers from the strong, cold wind whipping across the desolate valley floor as I stare up at a brilliant and twinkling night sky, waiting. Great Sand Dunes National Park is shrouded in darkness to the southeast while an out-of-place, igloo-shaped building faintly illuminated by a single green light glows below as I sit … Continue reading Strange and Wonderful Colorado

The Road to Recovery: From Traumatic Brain Injury to Running 100 Miles

*The following is a piece written for RootsRated. Photos courtesy of Josh Lawton.* Imagine a world of near constant forward motion, relying on your training and a support team to continually push yourself for 10 to even 30 consecutive hours. It’s a world where you take what the course gives you; uneven and rocky terrain … Continue reading The Road to Recovery: From Traumatic Brain Injury to Running 100 Miles


Live Review Chevelle, Black Map, Dinosaur Pile-Up Boulder Theater | Boulder, Colorado January 26, 2017 Reverb Magazine The lights dimmed to a low, deep blood red as Dinosaur Pile-Up walked onto the Boulder Theater stage giving the place a raw and grungy feel; a vibe reminiscent of what I can only imagine the early 90s … Continue reading CONCERT REVIEW